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Accommodation Costs for Students On the Increase!

Today’s big announcement that’s been buzzing around the campus grapevine these past few weeks is the increase in the fees for student accommodation. This bit of news, albeit sudden, has been imminent ever since zoning regulations around the university became stricter during the past year.

As many have noted, the local city council has cracked down on accommodation providers who are circumventing occupancy regulations in terms of overcrowding, unauthorized renovation, and noise pollution as a consequence, along with several other issues affecting students and the local community.

Housing providers need to make sure they meet the necessary requirements otherwise they will be penalized with a huge fine. They are obligated to register their location with the city council and pay a registration fee that is 10 per cent higher than previous. The increase in reg fee will cover costs for security, maintenance and sanitation, and fire/damage insurance.

Naturally, any costs that housing providers and renters will incur will be passed on somehow to students renting the residence. The last time rental rates in the area went up was around 4 years ago, so many providers and home owners agree that updating their business registration has long been overdue. They also don’t mind the increase in reg fees knowing that they can recover this from increasing the rental rates.

This development comes at the heels of a growing student population primarily made up of international students. Despite the fact that student lodging has long been one of the major expenses a student incurs while attending university, it is something that most students from out of town consider as top priority. Nevertheless, students will just need to come up with a solution to cover the higher rental rates that will take effect at the start of Term 3.

There you have it folks! The latest information on a most sensitive topic. It just boils down to who needs it more. At this point, a growing student population is nothing but held hostage, so to speak, by the housing providers and homeowners who are fewer, and thus are able to command a higher rate.

Tattoo in Bali – A Popular Trend For Students

Many students in Australia likes to go overseas during university study breaks. Arguably the most popular spot is Bali, most likely due to the close proximity and relatively cheap cost. Currency change is quite impressive to say the least! So it is no wonder Bali is one of the top spot for students on vacation. A popular trend for students whilst in Bali is to get a tattoo, sometimes with a local design that is barely unknown to Australians in the mainland.

Although it sounds a little risky to get inked whilst in Asia, but nowadays students say they are aware of the potential health risks associated with getting it done. With that being said, many tend to go to trusted tattoo studios, mostly recommended by other students who has gone through it themselves. If you ask an outsider how they would rate the risks to students, many would honestly say it is a high risk. But when we mention what if an Australian owned the tattoo studio in Bali, one that follow the stringent hygienic practices. Then they would say it is a low risk to students. One such studio is actually owned by an Australian that makes getting a tattoo in Bali a lot more safer. Many would also agree that this is the case.

Another interesting thing is the design that many students go after are the local traditional ones normally adorn by the locals in Bali, Indonesia. some won’t even know the real meaning behind certain designs but this does not deter them from getting it done. It is the aesthetically pleasing aspect of the design that drew their attention in the first place.

Below are some of the designs that some has chosen whilst abroad:

Tattoo in Bali designs

As you can see from the above, some are really good designs. Even in the eyes of the non-artists.

As more and more students fly to Bali for their holidays, we think more and more will get tattooed whilst over there. What if something goes wrong, like a rare case of catching a nasty disease is another topic of discussion all together. But for now, let’s just enjoy the art on display!

Roofing company employing students

Many students would agree that finding part time employment is a necessity to pay for expenses incurred during their study. The usual places offering part time work are usually predictable, for example bars, cafes, supermarkets and direct sales. But many would not of thought that the building industry such as a roofing company provide such opportunity! We wanted to share John’s story, a student from a Perth university.

John is studying law and currently renting a one room apartment. Like may others, John needed a part time job in order to pay his expenses; especially rent. John’s dad is a roofer by trade and has worked in the roofing industry for over twenty years, but since has retired a couple of years ago. During his dad’s time as a roofer at Prompt Roofing, John often helped his dad many times and as a result picked up many techniques such the foundations of re-roofing (otherwise known as roof replacement in layman terms) and re-sealing of leaking roof tiles.

Re-roofing in action

Since John’s dad still has contacts within the industry, he later found out that someone needed an assistant to help him with some roofing jobs. His dad recommended him and voila, he had a part time job! A couple of months in the job, John learned that some other companies were also looking for a trade assistant in a part time role. And because the position is an assistant, you don’t necessarily needed a formal qualification or even experience as on the job training is often provided.

From what John told us, although part time job opportunities in the roofing industry is not as frequent as restaurants and the big chain supermarkets, there are opportunities nevertheless. You just need to look at the right place. Yes, having contacts helps but making sure you don’t skip the trade section in your local newspapers.

The moral of this article is to not dismiss some of the less traditional fields when it comes to part time jobs to fund your student life. Think outside the square and you shall find! So happy job hunting!

We hear you!

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