Norfolk Boomerang is an unofficial news blog for university students in Australia. The idea came around from a similar news blog in the United States of America. This blog is run and maintained by a group of volunteers, mainly students themselves. Larry M. is the admin of this site and the publisher.

Are you a local university student? Do you care and passionate about the issues that are currently happening at your university? Are you after someone to voice your concern? Are you worried about the recent hike in tuition fees? Do you feel safe when studying at night? Do you think there is adequate resources to assist you with your studies? How about online access, do you think they are secure?

These are only some of the questions we get asked regularly. Hence we’ve decided to publish this news blog for students to access and read to keep abreast of news that matters to them.

We welcome all feedback from our readers. So feel free to contact us and provide an honest feedback. We reserve the right to edit any feedback before publishing.

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