Roofing company employing students

Many students would agree that finding part time employment is a necessity to pay for expenses incurred during their study. The usual places offering part time work are usually predictable, for example bars, cafes, supermarkets and direct sales. But many would not of thought that the building industry such as a roofing company provide such opportunity! We wanted to share John’s story, a student from a Perth university.

John is studying law and currently renting a one room apartment. Like may others, John needed a part time job in order to pay his expenses; especially rent. John’s dad is a roofer by trade and has worked in the roofing industry for over twenty years, but since has retired a couple of years ago. During his dad’s time as a roofer at Prompt Roofing, John often helped his dad many times and as a result picked up many techniques such the foundations of re-roofing (otherwise known as roof replacement in layman terms) and re-sealing of leaking roof tiles.

Re-roofing in action

Since John’s dad still has contacts within the industry, he later found out that someone needed an assistant to help him with some roofing jobs. His dad recommended him and voila, he had a part time job! A couple of months in the job, John learned that some other companies were also looking for a trade assistant in a part time role. And because the position is an assistant, you don’t necessarily needed a formal qualification or even experience as on the job training is often provided.

From what John told us, although part time job opportunities in the roofing industry is not as frequent as restaurants and the big chain supermarkets, there are opportunities nevertheless. You just need to look at the right place. Yes, having contacts helps but making sure you don’t skip the trade section in your local newspapers.

The moral of this article is to not dismiss some of the less traditional fields when it comes to part time jobs to fund your student life. Think outside the square and you shall find! So happy job hunting!

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